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DreamTree Technical School and Youth Ministry is where strong roots take hold & dreams grow in the nurturing fellowship of Jesus Christ

Please help us!

DreamTree Technical School and Youth Ministry is a place of transformation and expanded growth where technology and employment opportunities and love of God are a few clicks away.

Please help us teach young people the beautiful power of God and the internet to break the cycle of poverty.

DreamTree Technical School and Youth Ministry

Hello from Cebu in the Philippines. I’m Chris, my wife Cres and I have a dream. We are building a small technical school and youth Ministry deep in the mountains south of Danao. Here the cycle of poverty goes back hundreds of years. People live in tiny shacks often with no electricity and running water.

Dreamtree Tech is not a normal school and is not meant to take the place of school. Dreamtree Tech is focused on helping young people from the mountains (super poor) break the cycle of poverty by embracing technology.

 Students learn basic internet marketing skills and are offered employment opportunities to make the message real in their lives.

Being young anywhere in any social economic station is challenging but for young kids in extreme poverty the challenges can be overwhelming. Dreamtree is a safe place where kids can come and find the love of God and fellowship in a nurturing atmosphere.

Help us build the foundation of our school. We need $5,000 for steel and cement % water pump.


Cres’s extended family has lived on a big lot on the side of a mountain for as long as anyone can remember. We started building a tiny house and a shack for Cres’s mom 5 years ago then recently there’s been a game changer, Due to the Corona Virus there has been a push by the Philippines government to provide internet access to rural areas. The government is building an internet tower near our lot so students can have access for remote learning, the day we found out the internet is coming was the day our dream was born.

For years I have mentored young people in the village. The message is simple: Loving God and learning technical skills are the key to a better life. It seems so simple, the city is 2 hours away and kids are taught English in school.

Our mission is to create real employment opportunities and nurture a love of God for young people from the mountains.

The skills we will teach are focused on simple internet marketing tasks.

What We Teach

Email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It is essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through the postal service.

DreamTree Tech specializes in email marketing. We teach kids how to send email sales letters and they are able to learn a valuable skill fast. This enables a student to experience earning money working on a computer and this is a critical step in shaping perception to technology and economy.

Many poor young people from the mountains have basic internet skills, from playing video games and or using their Facebook and other social media accounts. Dreamtree Tech promotes the understanding that social media and the internet in general is a link to the world ecomomy and they’re economic future.

DreamTree Tech teaches Search Engine Optimization. There are world wide SEO employment opportunities and the Philippines is the link building capital of the world.

Dreamtree Tech teaches web design. There are billions of websites in the world and they all need work. We start with the basics and focus on web design skills that easily transform into employment opportunities.

Virtual Assistants are becoming more and more popular, in this age where remote work is gaining market share, the virtual assistant has become essential. DreamTree Tech’s mission is focused on promoting the English language. Our goal is to drive home the message that communication is the main key and expert communicators can enjoy lucrative virtual assistant employment opportunities.



Please donate what-ever amount you can. Your money will be well spent on basic essentials including rice, steel, cement, tin, computers. Please make a donation and help our school.


Contact us to volunteer! Work from home or come to the Philippines and stay with us while you work on-site. We need help training students in internet marketing and English.

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Do you need email marketing, social media marketing, data entry, SEO services. Please hire us for a great low cost solution for your internet marketing needs.

Donate Your Old Laptop

Please send us your old laptop! We will put your computer to good use, you will be helping people achieve their dreams of a better life.

Be a DreamTree Tech Friend

It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s free and you really help someone! When people are learning English it’s hugely helpful and motivating to be able to practice with English speakers.

Help Our kids Learn Computer Skills

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Do have any questions? Please reach out and we will be happy to share more about Dreamtree Tech


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