When there’s hope the possibilities are infinite


When there’s hope the possibilities are infinite, the world is beautiful, magic is everywhere. DreamTree Tech’s mission is to bring hope to poor people who live in poverty, who struggle to get enough food, by teaching specific internet marketing  skills that are easy to learn and offering employment opportunities that are real, opportunities that can be life changing and a vehicle to break the cycle of poverty.

The internet is truly revolutionary. While we often take it for granted and the divide between rich and poor is greater now than ever, the internet is the greatest equalizer the world has ever known DreamTree Technical School & English Center is a place that encourages people to grow, We teach people to  reach for the sky and dare to dream of a better live.

DreamTree Technical School & youth Ministry was born in 2020 in the wake of the Corona Virus. Corona has had devastating effects on the extremely poor people in the mountains north of Danao. Very few people got sick but the cities were shut down and the people who had jobs lost them and for people who were barely getting enough to eat life became untenable.

Chris and Cres Rose saw the hardships first-hand the virus had on Cres’s extended family in the mountains south of Danao. They knew they needed to help more but how? Chris and Cres own a small web design company(Sky Web Design) and for years have employed a few people for internet marketing tasks, DreamTree Technical School and English Center was the next logical progression, the idea was  to help people earn money to buy food and it expanded from there.

Now the main focus is to build a modest building for the school on Cres’s family lot in Portland a barangay in the mountains near the city of Danao. The site for the school is stunning. The site was dug by hand in the side of a mountain over the last 5 years and is now ready to build on. DreamTree Technical School and English Center is seeking donations for construction costs. The cost to build is extremely low because the men in the village are concrete workers who are currently unemployed. The school building will be 1,500 square feet, concrete floors, hollow block walls with windows and tin roof including 1 bathroom and a basic kitchen. DreamTree Technical School & English Center has started a Go Fund Me Campaign and is actively seeking volunteers of like-minded people who want to help.

DreamTree Technical School & English Center teaches internet marketing skills to people of all ages and technical abilities. We also teach and promote learning English. DreamTree Technical School & English Center is also a place where hungry students can get a big plate of rice!

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    Giving helps others.

    If you're blessed with the means to live a comfortable way of life, you have the ability to give. The world outside can be a dark place, and those who have little or nothing depend on the generosity and loving-kindness of people with a giving spirit. When you give to the less fortunate, you add to their lives - and by adding to theirs, you add to yours too.