Give Maria a Chance

Give Maria E a Chance

If you’ve seen recent news coverage of the horrible conditions that young girls in the Philippines are trying to survive in, you’ll no doubt be inspired as I am to help.

Maria E is 17 years old, she has long black hair and shiny brown eyes and a beautiful face. You would not know that she is living on the brink of starvation in a tiny shack without electricity and no running water, there is no bed, no blanket, just fear of hunger and sexual violence. Life is hard for everyone in her tiny village but the girls have it a little bit harder. 

Maria’s father Letoy is a construction worker that earns a couple dollars per day. He’s nice except when he drinks. When he’s drunk the family hides in the trees until his rage wears off with the cheap whiskey. Maria’s mother Julia has the worn down look of a refugee, she dutifully tends the tiny garden and takes care of 7 kids, there is barely enough money to buy rice. Maria’s family are hungry.

At 17 Maria was forced to drop out of school and search for work with the expectation to  get married as soon as possible. Many of Maria’s friends are already married with kids. Some of Maria’s friends were so desperate that they fell into the life of drugs and drinking and prostitution. For most Filipino girls from the mountains the future is not good, they need HELP!

Dreamtree Tech offers hope by teaching internet marketing skills and Christian fellowship to

extremely poor girls from the jungle. Due to Corona Virus the government has installed internet access to a fortunate few rural communities. This gift has enabled DreamTree Tech the ability to help extremely poor young girls break the cycle of poverty. We are building a small school and we need your  help.

The shocking truth is most of the Filipino girls from the mountains will live in near starvation but you can save one or two promising young girls with a small donation. You can be a hero and a lifesaver and it’s REAL! The internet is the greatest equalizer in the history of the world.

When you donate to DreamTree Tech you are doing more than giving food for today, you are helping a young girl learn 21st century skills that will enable her to take care of her family and break the vicious cycle of poverty.

I am asking you to please give whatever you can. Please Donate now. Any amount, will help! God will smile on you and we will be forever grateful.

Chris Rose
Founder /CEO
DreamTree Tech

I love to sing and dance and have fun

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