My Family Ate My Dog

My name is Hope Martinez, My family ate my dog, crazy right? I’m a happy, well, sort of happy 16 year old girl from the mountains north of Danao on the island of Cebu in the Philippines. I like love songs and some day I want to be a singer, a singing star that travels the world singing songs for my fans:) Wouldn’t that be awesome!

The reality is, I don’t have enough money to eat. To say that my family is poor, hmm, we’re super poor and that brings me to my sad story. My dog Carlos was my best friend, he was a naughty, naughty big eared boy with a smile that made me smile every time. He did get into trouble, but he was loyal, you know, loyal as a dog. We did everything together, we washed clothes at the river, well, I did the washing and Carlos just splashed around in the water but he made everything fun. 

Then, I got sick, and we had no money to see a doctor so I got sicker and sicker and finally my mom took me to the hospital with no money but I don’t know how, I woke up in a hospital bed feeling better and it was time to go home.

When we got home, I looked for Carlos and he was no where to be found, I searched and searched and I could not find him, my dad and my brothers were acting strange, I knew they were dog eaters but I never thought they could be so cruel as to eat my best friend. They did, they ate my dog and I pray to god I can forgive them.

The point of my story is, it’s hard to explain being so poor and hungry that your family would eat your dog. I knew I had to change my life, my friend started learning internet marketing at DreamTree tech so I decided to join DreamTree Tech and search for a sponsor, a generous man to help me pay for my education and food.

I am asking you to please give whatever you can. Please Donate now. Any amount, will help! God will smile on you and we will be forever grateful.

Hope Martinez
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I love to sing and dance and have fun

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